EMS Team Ground Ambulance has a strong emphasis on quality patient care while maintaining a high level of compliance standards.

A Company You Can Trust We will meet your medical needs.

EMS Team Ground Ambulance is headquartered in Circleville, Ohio. However, our stations in Dayton, Cincinnati, Hillsboro and Florida are available and prepared to assist in any ground transport needs that may arise. Our ground team is available to perform contract deployments across the US consisting of staffed ambulances, or just medical providers; or transport our local patients throughout central Ohio. Our ground services consist of ALS and BLS levels of care. EMS Team ground ambulance is available for most of your ground transportation needs, as well as providing emergency medical services for your special events.

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Ground Ambulance Features Our trained team works diligently to provide reliable service to all.

Medical Crew

EMS Teams’ medical crews include EMT’s and Paramedic’s capable of providing patient care to all their patients at the highest level of standards. Each provider is prepared to critically think through stressful situations while maintaining a high costumer service level.

Medical Equipment

Our staff provides care for patients utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. They are trained by experienced industry leaders in all equipment including but not limited to, cardiac monitors/defibrillators, as well as all kinds of equipment used in patient movement.

Medical Capabilities

Our highly capable staff are carefully vetted and trained to be ready for the simplest and most complex types of transports. Our crews are capable of transporting patients’ at the BLS and ALS levels, as well as capable of providing EMS care during special events.

Quality, Integrity, and Safety We care about our team of employees, as much as the patients we serve.

Working with us, you’re part of our Team. Join us today and see what it’s like to be valued while you work toward mutually beneficial goals of helping patients, developing clinical professionals, and helping others in the business achieve success.

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