We help smaller organizations navigate the ever changing and difficult EMS world to ensure success and profitability. 

CONSULTING CATEGORIES We have experts in a variety of categories.


We oversee high level reasonability’s developing and implementing operational procedures and policies. We help build relationships with customers and employees to achieve a success, and encourage employees to work in a positive environment.

Ambulance Logistics

We help your company with what is needed to transport and understand how to deliver the best on time, professional, safe, service. Manage inventory (trucks and equipment) and budget for long term successful growth.


We can help with budget planning and provide insight and financial advice that will help you make the best business decisions for your company. Including negotiating contracts, when to borrow or not borrow money, understanding revenue cycle, and so much more.

Revenue Cycle

This is the life blood of your company. If you use a billing company or not you will need a steady stream of revenue to keep your employees paid and keep your doors open. We can help with proper documentation to ensure you get paid in a timely manner. How to negotiate and choose a billing company, as well as a collection company. We can help set up a Quality Assurance process, and set up reports that will let you know if you have a problem before it gets too late…


In the world of EMS, there is risk everywhere you turn. Our team of consultants are here to help you so that you don’t have to worry about gaps in your organization’s safeguards, breakdowns in policies and procedures, consistency in trainings, and so much more.


We take into account your current financial situation and your future growth plans and needs. Every strategy decision must be done with a budget plan, profitability, negotiating contracts and a worst-case scenario in mind (what happens if this happens) and much more.

COMING SOON Training and Education

Lots of people offer medical continuing education, but that’s not the only thing we should be training for. Management, leadership development, Human Resources, compliance, revenue cycle management, are all ways we can improve our teams and our team can help you develop a training program to augment your strategic plan with your leadership!

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